Corporation Tax

I was contacted by a company that has several grocery stores in the Lothians. At first, it seemed that it would be an easy takeover of a new client from their old accountants, for whom the business' development simply exceeded their service capabilities.

It quickly turned out, however, that this “service” was never what it should have been, and that the accounting backlog covered at least three years. Seeing what kind of work we had to do, I priced it very quickly. Our price list is "set", as our customers note, at a higher level than at other Polish bookkeepers. Well, bookkeepers - TaxOne is much more than a bookkeeper or even a simple accountant and we offer a completely different service level.

When the prospective client heard our quote, he almost fainted. So it had to be explained that the price we quoted resulted from the fact that we actually had to start his accounts from the beginning, because it was incorrectly done for the last 3 years, so after the discount the price was actually much lower than it would have been had my company ran their accounts from the beginning.

The owner met with the previous "accountant", who, when asked why nothing has been done in recent years and why returns with Companies House and HMRC were submitted as for a "dormant" company, despite the fact that the business was operating normally, answered  that "it was easier that way." The second one (because there were more than one such accountant during those few years) said that it was "because the client did not pay enough".

"Why, then, nobody told me how much work it requires and how much it should cost?" the owner was surprised. It's pretty simple - many people are not interested in YOU, and such “accountants” who, apart from entering invoices and receipts into the computer have nothing else to offer, need a much larger number of clients than my company.

At TaxOne I focus on the needs of my clients. There are no more than 10 companies for one person working with us, otherwise we would not be able to meet your needs.

Within 5 months, we got the client onto a much more secure ground. There are fines and legal issues to be dealt with, including legal action against the previous accountants. Everything is going well now, but it certainly was a stressful period for the owners.