How I helped others!

Imagine having qualified accountants, tax and legal advisers available in one place. When others get stressed at the thought of getting one of those manila envelopes from HMRC, you are at ease because you know that TaxOne will take care of everything.


If you get HMRC notifications about inspections, fines or VAT related inquiries, it's time to contact TaxOne. How I helped an Edinburgh construction company with VAT problems - the owners almost lost their home because of it ... read more here.

National Insurance Contributions

Brexit creates confusion in the UK, and it also affects people working for international companies. How I helped a director of a global technology giant. Read more

Double taxation

Do you have foreign income? Have you come across my article describing my client's problems with unpaid taxes from years ago? You can read about Piotr and Marek's problems here.

Corporation Tax

The company, with a turnover of several million pounds a year, had accounting backlogs stretching for several years, with HMRC fines multiplying at an alarming rate. See how I helped a chain of grocery stores in the Lothians.

Capital Gains Tax

Few people know that if you are a tax resident in the UK you pay your taxes on foreign income according to the relevant UK tax law. Alicja needed help with taxes for selling an apartment in Poland. Read more